Why Bellavail

Why Bellavail

Our service focuses on providing the Local Authority with a revenue-generating and zero expenditure resource to assist in dealing with breached adoption agreements; whereby the Developer is no longer trading unable or unwilling to fulfil their obligations.

The utilisation of our resource is offered on a very flexible base. The main benefits are:

  • Access to Legal Expertise and advice with a bespoke resource with Claims Expertise
  • Share Best Practice from other Local Authorities
  • Create an opportunity for the potential generation of additional funds for the Legal Department
  • Zero cost to the Local Authorities – our reasonable establishment charges are obtained from the Developer or Surety Provider
  • Free search and trace service to identify default Developers and S38/278 Agreements – time-consuming Due Diligence
  • Zero risk exposure to the Local Authority
  • Protects the Authority from maladministration claims for failure to invoke their powers under the Highways Act 1980
  • Full control over the projects at all times
  • Minimal resource requirement – more time and resource available to focus on current and future work
  • Relieve ongoing resident and or political pressure on problem projects
  • Increased subsidy from Central Government as more roads are updated to adopted status
  • Future development could be less problematic as Developers realise the Authority will take action
  • Focus existing Local Authority resource on revenue-generating activities

We are the only organisation in the UK to specialise in solely providing Local Authorities with solutions in this niche area and we do so by engaging our tried and tested systems that ensure we achieve positive results.

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