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Bellavail IMS Ltd are a Local Authority Advisory and Claims Management Company specialising in resolving default S38 and S278 Agreements (Highways Act 1980).

We assist Local Authorities and their constituents in invoking the default clauses within an agreement to assist the Developer or surety in satisfying their Highway Adoption obligations.

Our team of legal, loss assessor and technical professionals first started providing advice to Local Authorities in 2009/2010 as a result of increasing Developer insolvencies caused by the economic downturn of 2008. The company formulated as private limited company in 2011 and has grown to become the UK`s leading experts in default S38/S278 Agreements and the enforcement of associated claims.

About Bellavail

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It is estimated that there are still over 30,000 unadopted highways in the UK and Bellavail
will continue to assist Local Authorities until this is no longer the case.

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Our mission is to help every UK Local Authority to assist defaulting Developers in satisfying their Highway Adoption obligations as stated within a S38/S278 Agreement.


To ensure all residents and homeowners benefit from living on an adopted road within the timescale stated
in a S38/S278 Agreement.

To date Bellavail has already helped over 100,000 residents by engaging with many Local Authorities around the UK and assisting them in bringing their highways to an adoptable standard (at nil cost to the Local Authority).

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